Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Thursday Push!

Thanks, Ali Landry, for making MILFdom so difficult for the rest of us.

Before I was surprised with a baby, I had a lot of ideas about how my life would be; my relationship, my baby, my job, etc. - it was all planned out!

Literally nothing in my life is the way I thought it would be by the time I had a child.  I definitely was going to be married (and let me tell you, that wedding in my dreams was AWESOME), I was definitely going to have a killer job that allowed me time to be with my children more, and I was definitely going to be one of those moms that maintained some sort of fashion and had a hot bod.   Like I said, literally, none of these things is true.

Instead, I am not married nor do I see marriage in my near future, my job is quite boring and I feel like I never have time with my sweet Steve, my body leaves MUCH to be desired - unless you really like jello - and my fashion consists mainly of jeans, tees, yoga pants, and dresses (only in the spring/summer).

What do I do about it?  Pray for strength and get into action.  Or get into action and pray that I don't hurt someone along the way.  Either/Or!

My unmarried fix (the one that I take the most joy in!):  I cope by singing loudly and dancing ridiculously while pointing fingers at Big Steve e v e r y time 'Single Ladies' comes on the radio - "if ya like it then ya shoulda put a ring on it."  I also take great joy in 'forgetting' to do things like prepare his protein shake for the next day and replying with "Oh, maybe if I was a wife, I'd remember to do things for you more..."

My crap-a job fix: I am in school to be a nurse.  Eventually, I will hit the finish line.  Daily, I want to quit, but in 3 years (hopefully sooner!), I will be so proud of myself.  More importantly, my son will be proud of me.  As for my current situation, I've asked to be moved to a different position, take a large pay cut, and have shorter hours so that I can work from home full time.  This should take effect in May and I cannot wait to have more time with my boy.

My J-E-L-L-O body fix:  I do my best to work out 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes of cardio.  I get EXTREMELY discouraged when the scale doesn't budge for weeks at a time.  This last couple of weeks, I have somehow gained a whopping 9 lbs.  My response to that?  Burger King and no work outs for 4 days.  Totally irrational, but that scale messed with the WRONG girl.  I will get back into my routine, hopefully tonight, and remind myself that BK is not the answer.

My wardrobe slump:   Truth be told, I've never been a fashionista.  You will never see my clothes on the cover of a magazine.  I am super simple; I like jeans, I like sun dresses, I like tee-shirts, and I LOVE yoga pants.  Jewelry annoys me; though a nice little ring on my left hand would be totally acceptable.  I did always look cute, though.  I want to look cute again.  That project is in the works.

WHOA!  The Thursday Push turned into Susan's Personal Motivator.  I write what I feel by keepin' it real.  HA.  Truth?  I think a lot of you reading this feel the same way.  It's all about finding solutions.  If it was all this easy, everyone would be Successful Housewives and MILFs.  You've seen enough Wal-Mart pictures enough to know that ain't so.


  1. Dearest Suzie, I think you are being WAY too hard on yourself.. you look GREAT! What gets me through the day is knowing that God has a plan for me (now I am not a bible thumper or anything) but it helps when I get down about my weight.. or that everyone around me seems to getting pregnant and that is the ONE thing I have always wanted.... but I have to know that when the time is right it will happen. And you are not the only one with a crappy job... my commute is over an hour most days! SO keep your head up there is a plan for us.. sadly it not happening as fast as we want it to happen!! LOL! Thanks for another GREAT post! And I can't wait to see the recipes/pictures!!

  2. I think I probably am my own biggest critic! It makes me happy to know that others relate to me and I can relate to them! Not that I'm happy we are all going bananas, but happy that we are all going bananas together :)

  3. Unmarried fix = GENIUS! Might have to put some of your tricks to work at my house!

  4. The 'fix' works quite well. At least in making me feel better! Haha! I must show you my awesome moves.