Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ahhhhh, sweet christmas time!

christmas is my favorite time of year.  despite the fact that i despise cold weather, i just love all the joy christmas brings.  i love the lights, the tacky sweaters, and (perhaps most of all) the yummy plethora of treats associated with christmas.

since i was little, there is one cookie that has ALWAYS made me think of christmas - the beloved crinkle cookie.  my grandma used to make them when we visited around the holidays as children, so it's really more than just another delicious cookie to me; it symbolizes family and love and all the things that have made me such a christmas-aholic.

i made two batches so far; the second - pictured in this blog- i altered to make them more fudgy.  they're not quite right but, let's be honest, it'll never reach grandma's crinkle cookie status.  it does, however, serve as a good stand in for now.

perfectly crinkled!  hello, ultra cute snowpeople in the background.

close up of my cute snowfolk.  how adorable?!
my stove and all of it's cuteness/slightly tackiness.  i adore my rooster filled kitchen.  we'll leave the details for another post.

merry christmas, grandma :)

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