Sunday, March 27, 2011

Harris Teeter Super Doubles - Trip 3!

Yes, 3 trips!  I am stocking up.  I am hoping to participate in a 'No Spend' Month here shortly, so I want to stock up and use every bit of the money I budgeted for groceries in March.  This trip is the best one so far, but who says I can't beat it?  I did have a cashier who was dead set on 'catching' me do something and didn't double a couple of my coupons due to some store policy stuff that I didn't feel like challenging, so that was annoying.  Next time, I'm sticking with the guys!  They love it.

 What you see:
3 Dole 4pk Mandarin Oranges
2 Lipton Tea Bags
10 cans HT Green Beans
12 SteamFresh Frozen Veggies
1 Country Crock Spreadable Butter Sticks
1 Lenders Cinnamon Swirl Bagels
1 Wisp 4 pk
1 Energizer 'C' 4 pk
1 Little Noses Saline
2 Hillshire Farm Turkey
2 Pillsbury Icing
1 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix
1 Hungry Jack Syrup
4 Success Rice
1 HT Flour
2 Khaki Spring Rolls (4 pk I think?)
2 Perdue Chicken (1.5 lbs each)

Total OOP: $53.60
Total Saved: $67.10

Let's do a recap so far just to emphasize how much coupons can save you:
Transaction #1: Total OOP: $40.85, Total Saved: $89.79
Transaction #2: Total OOP: $54.04, Total Saved: $79.71
Transaction #3: Total OOP: $53.60, Total Saved: $67.10

Total OOP for all 3: $148.49 (about $52 from my alotted Super Double week)
Total Saved for all 3: $236.60

It's always a good day when you spend less than you save.  Fantastic!

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