Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Monday - LE SIGH!

This Monday is actually better than a normal Monday because I have the week off from posting for classes and I get to look forward to having a relaxing weekend at Lake Anna with NO ANATOMY CLASS ON SUNDAY!  Holla!

I had a wonderful weekend with my ladies (FAB FIVE) and some additional party crashers.  I made some food that I was very proud of and will give some recipes this week!

I have a lot to get done this week before I have a refreshing weekend away:

- Menu Plan!  I hope to get my menu all planned out by tomorrow evening.  I still have some food and meals left to make, so I have a little bit of time.
- Coupon Binder.  I decided to switch up my coupon organization to a binder, which is proving to be more daunting than I thought.  I hope to have it all organized and all my new coupons clipped by the end of the week.
- Grocery shopping.  I still have to scope out the best deals this week, but I know I'll be making a trip to Wegmans because I realized they have the best deals on chicken and beef (only $1.99/lb!) and canned veggies (0.34 cents/can!) AND Harris Teeter is a definite because they are my fav store ever.
- Drugstore Games!  I am planning to add Walgreens and Rite-Aid to my Drugstore game this week.  I have mastered CVS and would LOVE to start getting free stuff from Walgreens and Rite-Aid, too!
- School Stuff.  Even though I'm on Spring Break from school, I still have a presentation to prepare for and I need to set up my weekly plan for my English course so I can stay on track.
- Chores this week.  Laundry (how in the heck do we have so much?), change sheets in 3 bedrooms, bathrooms (again?  I feel like I just did these!), baseboards (this is a BIG maybe).

Okay, this was a boring post.  When I get my Coupon Binder all organized, I'll show you guys!  I know I have a good handful of readers who are just as coupon crazy as I am!

Stay tuned for my first GIVEAWAY this month!  I am sooooo excited.

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