Friday, March 25, 2011

My week of CVSing.

This week was a profit week!  I didn't get everything I'd hoped because they sold out of some things, but I did get a good amount of stuff for FREE this week.  The best part is, I'm taking money into next week AND I get $8+ for my Winter Spending.

Transaction #1
1 Garnier Ultra Lift Wrinkle Cream
1 Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel
1 Allegra Allergy 5ct
1 Vitamin D Milk

Used $15 EBs from last week, $2/Garnier, $2/Allegra, $1/Garnier
Total OOP: $8.83
Got: $12.99 EBs

Transaction #2
3 St. Ives Facial Scrub (my favs!)
2 Colgate MaxFresh

Used $12.99 EBs, $1/Colgate, $1/Colgate
Total OOP: $1.97
Got: $11 EBs

Sum It Up!

Transaction #1 + Transaction #2 Total OOP: $10.57
Ending EB Balance: $11

What does it mean?  CVS gave me $0.43 and a lot of products for free :)

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