Friday, April 8, 2011

Yoplait Greek Yogurt is The Bee's Knees!

Helloooooo, Yoplait Greek Yogurt.  You are the Bee's Knees!

No, I am not getting paid to advertise for Yoplait; however, if they want to pay me I will certainly take it!

I got multiple coupons for $.60/2 cups of Yoplait Greek Yogurt.  They were on sale at HT for $1 each, and because HT doubles coupons, I ended up scoring 10 of these bad boys for $4.

Pros: Greek yogurt has a ton of protein and keeps you fuller longer.  Yogurt in and of itself has cultures that aid in digestion and is usually fat free, so it's a great addition to any diet.  Yoplait Greek Yogurt is GLUTEN-FREE! 

Cons: This particular cup has 20g of sugar.  YIKES!  I didn't check that before I bought them, but I think I might have to continue partaking because they're so darn scrumptious.

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