Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big Plans.

I have very BIG PLANS for my life and my house when I start working part-time from home.  Not only will I be able to schedule my work around Little Steve's naps and self-play times, but I am also looking forward to more time doing things around my house.

I've been wanting to do my master bedroom and bathroom for a LONG time, but - as I frequently say - life has gotten in my way and these things have been put off.  You saw my poor excuse for a love nest during a confession; if you can believe it, it has gotten worse.  Last night, I decided to move (or have Big Steve move) my exercise bike from the living room to the bedroom.  I want to get Little Steve an indoor slide like he has at Mrs. L's house because he so loves slides.

I was working out last night in my bedroom that looks like  a confused teenager's room, and I came up with some great ideas and am looking forward to getting started this weekend.  Don't worry, you all will have a front row seat in turning my pubescent abode into a love cave.  It's going to take time...I am NOT a fan of things taking time, but I will be patient.

Stuff is getting moved, painted, and prettied up - deal with it, Big Steve.  I may even try to sneak in some girly colors when he's not looking...

Earthy walls?
I love orange...but on a smaller scale for Big Steve's sake.


Color Inspiration (think handmade pillows!)?


I also have plans for hiding stuff and making the room look super gorgeous!

But for now, I have to go get my wonderful braces tightened.  I am not a fan of this process, so I will reward myself with a free Strawberry Lemonade afterwards for having to endure such a thing.

Recipes tomorrow!

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