Friday, June 24, 2011

FINALLY Made It to Harris Teeter!

I have been gone this week and even missed The Thursday Push!  Horrible.  I was 'training' at work for a few days,  but I was able to make a trip to Harris Teeter today and fully intend on returning tomorrow.

Here are the goods:

I managed to somehow order the wrong battery charger for my camera - not once, but twice.  SO, here I am with another crappy picture that is making me want to cry.

What You Would See If I Had a Smartphone:

4 Athenos Greek Yogurt
1 Sabra Hummus
1 4pk Breakstone Cottage Cheese
4 HT Shredded Cheese (various)
1 Pampers Wipes To Go
2 HT Hot Dog Buns
2 HT Hamburger Buns
2 Lunchables
1 Celentano Frozen Ravioli
2 Voila! Frozen Meals
2 HT Frozen Chopped Broccoli
1 HT Frozen Chopped Spinach
1 Birds Eye Frozen Mixed Veggies (Large Pack)
1 Birds Eye Frozen Cut Corn (Large Pack)
5 Pictsweet Frozen Edamame
2 Kraft Singles
1 Nature's Own Honey Wheat Bread
1 Pepperidge Farm Whole Wheat Cinnamon Swirl Bread
4 packs (1.25lb ea) Ground Beef
2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
1 HT Bread Crumbs
3 HT Spaghetti Sauce
2 Classico Alfredo Sauce
2 Dreamfields Rotini Pasta
1 Mueller's Shell Pasta
1 HT Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches
3.12 lbs Bananas
1 pack Strawberries
1 pack Blueberries
1 .74 lb Grapes

Total OOP: $87.76
Total Saved: $77.16

Today was more a mix of coupons and buying store brand that I considered a good deal.  We're having a cook out tomorrow and last Summer, I would spend at least $200 on cook out grub alone.  Even when I make a trip tomorrow (after I do some planning), I will fall under that total and come away with a lot of food for future meals.

Could I ever make it on the Extreme Couponing show?  No.  But I still save lots of money for someone who limits her 'coupon time' to make room for family time.

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