Wednesday, August 31, 2011


{at least I'm wearing one of my favorite dresses!}
Sometimes I have horrible, no good, very bad days. 

I feel sorry for Big Steven.  I am in a horrible mood today and I'm not sure when it's gonna get better.  It didn't start until I had to endure the ridiculous NOVA traffic.  I don't know how anyone, myself included, still lives anywhere near NOVA/MD/DC - it's the worst!  I leave my house at the same time every day; sometimes I'm at work early, sometimes I'm on time, and sometimes - like today - I am 30 minutes late for work!  Not only does this make me look like a total slacker, but the traffic gets me super anxious.

Other small things that have contributed to my mood include no utensils to eat my cereal with, no time for a trip to Starbucks (which, btw, would have shaped me up real fast), and no grades posted by my teachers.  I totes respect teachers, but I feel like they should also have a 'due date' so to speak.  Waiting around for weeks to get a grade is proposterous!

Now that I've successfully complained about things that don't really matter, I am trying to turn the day around.  I feel like I won't be successful at doing so until I get home and work out - but for now, I will try to feel better by consuming things that have zero nutritional value whatsoever:

                       {180 calories of nothingness}

I hope the rest of you have a day full of rainbows, flowers, and smiles!  Nevermind me, I'll snap out of it soon enough.

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