Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy...

This lovely for the guest bedroom/office (also comes in green, which makes a big decision for me):
Toying with ideas like this to hide an unused door in the guest bedroom/office:
Thrifting for old picture frames of all sizes because I fell in love with Ashley's look:
I am seriously obsessing over this DIY Headboard idea:

Big Steven is aware and I think he's actually on board for this project! 

I bought cork board and put some in the kitchen and some in the guest bedroom/office.  The ones I put in the kitchen are fine because I haven't piled a bunch of crap on them, but I am not happy about the clutter of pictures on the ones I hung in the guest bedroom, so I will be redoing those sometime over Labor Day weekend.  I plan to mat them and declutter so the room doesn't look like it threw up pictures in that one area.  Pics to come!

AAAAAND I think that's enough to have on my plate for now! 

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