Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Thursday Push: The Blogger Brag Version.

Oh, bragging.  That's sort of an underlying subtle theme in virtually every blog, isn't it?  A little brag?  Look what I can do!  A little brag is harmless; it's merely a celebration of personal strengths and accomplishments.  Today, though, I might be laying it on thick as I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

post run!
Today's brag topic (aka 'brag-top') is about running.  I have been pretty active for a while now and walk or hop on my bike when I can and I go at it determined, but I've had some pretty half-a'd attempts at running in the past.  Trying it about once a week for a few minutes during my walk and determining that it's just too hard and I'm just not a runner.  Then, I started reading a book called Run Like a Girl while we were on vacay and everything sort of clicked.  I have only even read a couple chapters and it motivated me so much.

Running is a whole new level of fitness because it's a full body work out.  I started only last Monday determined to stick with it and not even two weeks into it, going only 3x per week, I feel significant improvement.  I feel strong, my breathing has improved, and I can run for longer increments of time.  I haven't yet reached the point where I'm excited to go for a run, but when I'm done it's like a crazy high that I've never gotten from any other workout.  I even smiled showing my braces up there!  It doesn't take an A&P student to recognize endorphins when they come around :).

Run Like a Girl often mentions the little voices in our head that discourage us.  We are our own worst critics and I've found that to be true the last couple of weeks.  When I've had to stop, I feel like I've given up and I start to compare myself to these other ladies running around like it's nothing.  Not to mention how hot they look doing and it and here I am glistening (because I don't like the word 'sweat'), red, and splotchy.  But, then it hits me that at least I'm out trying, which is more than 60% of Americans are doing (true statistic). 

There's my brag and here's my unsolicited advice: JUST MOVE. 

Health is never a guarantee, we've all seen that in various situations.  If you're given a body that is capable of movement, appreciate it; not everyone has that blessing.

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  1. "If you're given a body that is capable of movement, appreciate it; not everyone has that blessing."

    So true! Im thinking i should pick up that book and hope it gives me the same motivation!

  2. Yes, Sarah! The author mentions that she had friends who became ill and never got to live out their dreams as fully as they'd hoped. Also, she talks about how we always make these goals of what we want to do someday, but never work toward them. That really resonated with me because I've been talking about wanting to be a runner for SOOOO long and could always find some good excuse as to why I was putting it off.