Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Photos of My Day So Far...

Stevie + Time Out Chair = BFF today.

He has had a few visits to time out on this yucky rainy day.  Usually when he's in a mood on my work at home days, I just take him for a walk or run and he snaps out of it.  That wasn't an option today and I'm super swamped with work, so I couldn't give him as much attention as he really needed to get out of the funk.  Instead, I had to put him in time out, which is my least favorite thing to do.  He makes the saddest faces and all I wanna do is hold him.

After two minutes, I go over and explain to him that it's not nice to throw his baba at mommy (I gave him water and he was NOT happy).  I told him he could get up, but he was still very upset that I had the audacity to put him in time out again.
After a few of these faces, I just had to love on him.

This may or may not have suited my needs more than his...

Now that he's napping, I get to go shred/die and work on spreadsheets for a few more hours.  I'm not sure which situation is more fun...

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