Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday


- The word 'awkward.'  Am I right?
- As if having adult braces isn't awkward in and of itself, I had them tightened yesterday, so chewing really sucks today; mostly, I chew with my mouth open.
- My son's impeccable ability to repeat everything that comes out of my mouth.
- My sleeping arrangements last night - Bella (my dog) sleeping beside me and Luda (my sister's dog) sleeping between my legs.
- Trying to charm people into purchasing thousands of dollars worth of lifting equipment.  I'm not that charming.
- Unsuccessfully trying to fool Big Steven with Boca meat in his spaghetti.  Hey, I didn't feel like making two separate sauces for him and my vegetarian, gluten-free sister, okay?!  Get off my back.
- Having a verbal arguement with my scale this A.M.  Biotch won't budge.


- God.  Watching God work in my friends' lives is AWESOME.
- Having the energy to work out.  Where did that come from?
- Investing in my future.  Thank you, 401k.
- Sister, Helen, and teenager, Sydney are staying at my house.  With Luda.  Luda is 'special,' but Helen and Sydney are awesome.
- Pumpkin.  All things pumpkin are delicious.  Particularly Eddy's Slow Churn Pumpkin Ice Cream.


  1. Thanks, Sarah! I have been so busy getting things ready for this month and my sister is in town. It's been nuts!