Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday.

 - My son mistaking every man who wears jeans and boots with his back turned toward us for his father when we go to the store.  He gets excited...and loud...when he sees 'his dad.'
- My boots have the worst traction ever.  Every un-carpeted surface is a new opportunity for me to slip.
- Luke Bryan's dancing last night on the CMA Awards.  He's hot, so it basically cancels out, but I literally LOL'd last night.
- Luke Bryan's moves remind me of Big Steven.


- My shirt!  See for yourself:

Wearing a GLEE shirt to work is acceptable if you pair it with a really nice fitting blazer...but only if you work in one of your boss' houses where the dress code is 'clothes.'
- Jason Aldean won Album of the Year!  Totally deserved.
- My brilliant brother in law, Jason, is taking our Christmas pictures down at the Lake this weekend.
- My future sister-in-law's first baby shower is this weekend!
- The Gingerbread Latte is back at Starbucks.
- The coming of Thanksgiving brings about much more optimistic Facebook status updates.


  1. First: love the new pics up top! Second: um, yes to Luke Bryan! I believe my fb status read " ill do more than just shake it for Luke Bryan! Mmmmmmm! Even if he wears his jeans tighter than mine!" Finally: I'm excited not to be broke and hire your brother in law!

  2. Besides the fact that you are so sweet, Sarah, I love you even more because you love country music. We could totally attend a concert together and KILL it.