Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas, Motivation, & Love.

Sooooo, my camera officially decided to stop working on Christmas Eve.  I got it for Christmas last year, so it stopped working just in time for the warranty to be expired and just in time for me to miss taking pictures of my boy Christmas morning.  Big Steven was able to capture a few moments with his phone, which officially made me a smart phone believer.  I will be looking for deals on both a smart phone and a camera this week.

Moving on...

One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting a new scarf from Steven's Grandma:

The moment I knew i was 'in' was when I got my handmade blanket!  I love that thing so much I'm scared to use it.  I thought about putting it on the couch, but then I got worried people would ruin it or the little one would spill something on it.

What I don't love about Christmas this year is the pictures I saw of myself.  YIKES!  I have gained some serious lbs since September.  I stopped running and started eating more.  Even though I was working out, that's a bad combo for a girl with a super slow metabolism.  I am looking at the photos this year as motivation.  Big Steven got me a new treadmill and new running shoes, so I have NO EXCUSE to not pick back up on running.  I broke it in yesterday with a 2 mile run and was very pleased to see my endurance is still there. 

Big Steven and I have goals for the years to come and I definitely want to lose the weight before having another baby - not that it's happening any time soon.  I am STILL not back to my size pre-Little Steven, which is just wrong.  If I don't lose it before baby #2, it's going to be 2394839289 times harder to lose it, so I'm ultra motivated for that.

2011 has been a very trying year for my little family. 
Exhaustion + stress + mean words + cranky toddler - Jesus - alone time = no bueno.
This weekend made me really grateful for the love Big Steven and I share and the love we have for the little one - and not just because I got a garbage disposal (PRASE THE LORD), but because we got to spend a lot more time together than we have in a while.  There are a lot of people who don't like the running around, and I understand the stress of having multiple families to see over the holidays, but I love it.  I love my family, I love Steven's family, and I love that they all want us around.

I am just very grateful.


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