Thursday, January 19, 2012

blog niches.

Because I started this blog as an outlet that led to cooking/baking which led to couponing, which led to pictures, which led to other things, I have never really had a blog niche.

Seriously, it's like high school all over again; I don't fit in with any of the groups in totality.  And, just like high school, I actually don't really care.

Why I don't fit in:

Coupon blogs:
I am a serious cheapskate. 
I don't like spending money that doesn't need to be spent and I don't have much money to spend in the first place, so I fit in there.
I clip coupons, rarely go to the grocery without them, and get extremely excited when I snag good deals.
However...I suck at remembering where I got coupons, when they expire, and sharing all that valuable info with you all. 
I have no problem answering emails with coupon questions or helping people out, but I'm not so good at the details.
I don't scold people for 'clearing the shelves' and I don't participate in convo about coupon scandals because I don't really care that much.
I don't fit in there.

Mom blogs:
I am a mom, so I fit the criteria.
I also talk about my Little Steven frequently, so I'm pretty close to fitting in.
BUT...I don't believe my son poops roses.
He is the bomb and he makes me laugh so much.  I love him more than anything and I think he's the smartest toddler alive (like every other mom thinks), but he also makes me extremely crazy.
Being a mom is not easy.  It's not rainbows and infinite energy all the time.  Sometimes it's so hard and sometimes I pull my hair out...literally.
In fact, when I read blogs that are predominately about being a mom, I feel extremely inadequate.  What the heck am I doing wrong?  Why isn't my toddler voluntarily going to bed and reading full sentences yet?
I am ALL about focusing on the positive, but I never want to make anyone else feel like my life is the best and it's all so easy for me.
Mom bloggers everywhere are shaking their heads.
And I don't fit in.

Cooking blogs:
Okay, I love to cook and bake and if I were any niche, I am closest to this one.
I can make a balanced meal with very little in my pantry and I can make it taste good (most of the time).  I LOVE cooking shows, I love learning new dishes, and you all know I love eating.
The problem is...I suck with measuring.  Most of the time, my measurements are really guesstimates.  The recipes will work if you cook them and they will taste like heaven or I wouldn't share them, but when I'm in the kitchen, I'm in the zone.  I am putting a dash of this, a little more of that, etc., etc., etc.
So...I don't really fit there either.

Fashion blogs:
Do we really have to go here?  I mean, I like clothes, but I love simplicity. 
I can be seen wearing many a legging and yoga pant with a plain shirt and some sort of hair I come up with in the morning. 
I do try to look presentable and I think my 'style' is actually something people try to mimic now, but I am the less put together vers.
To be honest, I don't try hard enough and, again, I'm cheap so you won't see me buying the latest and greatest clothes.
I don't fit in here.  And this could be one of the reasons I didn't fit in in high school, but we're over that.  Clearly.

Fitness/Health blogs:
These guys hate me the most. 
I love to work out, my relationship with running is more love than hate now, and I eat pretty well most of the time.
But I love me some cookies and days where I sit on my butt playing spades online with other people who cuss at me for sucking at that, too.
I don't really fit in here.

Photography blogs:
Ummm, I do love pictures.  Like a lot.
But...I have a cell phone from 1910, a camera that's officially broken.
Sorry 'bout that.

So, I've concluded that I'm a Sorta Fit, Kinda Fashion Forward, Money Saving Mom Who Takes Pictures and Cooks Sometimes blogger. 
I talk about what I feel like talking about and I'm always surprised at the people who find me interesting. 
Most days, I bore the crap out of myself.
But I really love doing it.


  1. Wow. We are insanely identical. Minus the running thing.