Tuesday, January 17, 2012

three whole days.

We got to meet the newest addition to our family over the weekend and he was every bit as adorable as I imagined he would be.

But first was first: I made us some chocolate chip pancakes that took NO time with the griddle I got for Christmas.  They were nommy and I am officially in love with my griddle; her name is Topanga - named after the one and only.

Then we went off to meet Brandon.  He and Stevie are instant BFFs and will cause many years of headaches and worry for their mamas.  I just can't wait.

Having been born into a family of Redskins loving maniacs, these boys will also enjoy endure the pain that is to be a fan.  And I'm sorry...

Then Little Steven had a culinary breakthrough!

That's right, ladies and gentelmen, Stevie ate a sandwich.  But not just any sandwich - a PB&J!

Incase you have not yet grasped the adorableness that is my new baby nephew:

Three whole days of pure goodness.

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