Monday, February 27, 2012

friends & the vanilla truffle.

We celebrated Mandy's birthday over the weekend and it was so much fun!
Big Steve and I don't really do much together, but we did discover that staying up until 5am is for the birds; he spent the entire day Sunday sleeping and I spent it counting down until Stevie's bedtime.

The weekend was so worth it, though!
Good friends and good food - what more could you ask for?!

[me and the birthday girl!  at some point, i decided a fire hat was necessary and made this face...also necessary.]
[JULIA GULIA!  on a side note, she's finally going to be living with her horse and i am so happy for her!]
[the birthday lady and her maaaaaaaaan.]
[BOBBY!  somehow we also decided to talk about ghosts which gave me incredible nightmares last night, btw.]
[i promise he loves me!]
Remember when I gave you the recipe for the easiest truffles ever?
Well, Mandy can't eat Oreos or chocolate (which makes me really depressed), so I tried Vanilla Truffles for the first time - just as easy and just as delicious!

Vanilla Truffles (aka The Mandy Truffle)

1 package WhoNu Vanilla Cookies (or generic brand)
1 8oz package of Cream Cheese - softened
White Chocolate for Piping
Festive Sprinkles!

Crush up your cookies (I use a food processor, but you can just as easily crush them using your hands) - add you Cream Cheese and mix it all together.  I use my hands because I'm not scurred.

Melt your white chocolate.  Cut a small slit in the corner of a plastic baggie and decorate your balls (a joke can be made here somewhere).  Then add sprinkles of your choice and serve!

These are always a hit, so make them ASAP.

[Oreo and Vanilla Truffles.]


  1. Awww.. I have a truffle names after me! Best... Blog... Ever!! Such WONDERFUL pictures, I should've hired you to take pictures of people who came to my house!! Why do I think of these ideas AFTER the fact!! Oh well...Love you guys and THANK YOU for making my birthday AMAZING!

    1. i should have thought to take more pics! didn't break it out til the end of the night. it was a great time!

  2. so you don't need to bake em at all? wow, they look so yummy! i actually have the oreo type WhoNu cookies! haha.
    Cute truffle name too.

    1. no baking, Britt! it's awesome and soooooooooo easy. try it with the WhoNu cookies! i'm telling you, they are SO delicious.