Thursday, March 1, 2012

colon cancer awareness month.

It's a two post kinda day.
Did you know that March is Colon Cancer Awareness month?
Neither did I until this morning.

This beauty here, Erica, was a friend of my sister's who unfortunately lost her battle with Colon Cancer last year.
She was 29.

My sister has made a bold decision to walk in her memory this year at the D.C. Scope It Out Run/Walk for Colon Cancer Awareness. 

Her goal is small - she wants to raise $1000 for the cause and I'm asking if you can help.
There truly is no dollar amount too small; I ask that you give what you are able to give if you are able to give it.

Donations can be made via the following link:

My blog in the last couple of days has been on fire.
I am almost at 1,000 page views today and it's not even 1!
If you make a donation - $5, $10, $15, whatever - I will advertise your blog for the entire month of March.
My only 'rule' is that you pass this information on to someone else.
We have the means to raise awareness, so let's do it!


  1. im donating $5 and sharing your post! My nana margaret passed away from cancer, which started out with colon cancer but grew to other areas of her body. <3 hugs!

    1. Thank you, Brittany! You are so sweet. Send me the 'button' you'd like me to put on my blog -

    2. will do! :) i've gotten some "LIKES" and comments on my shared post !

  2. I donated $5 and shared the link on my facebook page! :)

    1. thank you, Angie! please send me the button or picture you want me to share on my page to