Monday, March 5, 2012

potter party.

Yes I do mean Harry Potter.

I never finished the books (only got through 4) and only saw the first movie.
This is a little bit preposterous considering my love/obsession with Harry Potter in high school.

I got to spend the weekend with two of my siblings, which was so FUN!
My twin showed up to partake in the munchies and make fun of us, but I think he was totally into it.

Here are some of my favorite moments:

[30something, folks.  she was getting us excited for the partaay.]
[harry potter burrow breakfast - w/ glasses and tie!]

[stevie spent most of the time on top of uncle tyler.]

[when he wasn't on top of uncle tyler, he spent his time laying in a dog bed watchin Cars on the portable dvd player.]
[typical Daniels reaction to a picture taking.]
And there you have it, folks.
I spent a lot of time conflicted between liking J.K. Rowling and hating her because of certain events (RIP D-dore).
But, I have officially concluded that I love her and Harry Potter alike.

Still to come:
Twilight weekend
Star Wars weekend



  1. Looks like a GREAT time!! What does Butterbeer taste like?

    1. it tastes like delicious! that's what it tastes like.