Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Holy Long Weekend.

Thank goodness for long weekends!

I have been exhausted and still am, but the day off yesterday helped to restore some energy, even if only a small bit.  Some is better than none!

The day started out a little crazy because Mrs. L (Little Steve's sitter) is very sick, but I brought him anyway because her mother-in-law was going to be watching the kids.  However, when I saw how miserable Mrs. L was, I decided not to leave him because I didn't want to chance Stevie getting the flu if that's what she has.  I took him allll the way back to my area to his Aunt Kelly for the day.  If you live in NOVA, you know that 66 is a nightmare in the morning, so I ended up starting my day at 9:30 instead of 7:30 for work.  WOW!  Luckily, I had 2 LARGE cups of coffee to help me run around like a nut.

After a 4 day hiatus from working out, I feel very out of shape.  I have to get back on it tonight, which is also when I will hopefully have some updates about my latest Harris Teeter shopping trip and my menu for the next couple of weeks.

WHEW!  Deep breaths.  Thank the Lord this is a short work week.

Tonights menu: Plain Ol' Basghetti.  I know - VERY boring, but I have some ground beef in the fridge right now and I don't want to do more thinking today than I have to. 

Have an awesome Monday!  Hopefully you were lucky enough to have the day off yesterday, too!

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