Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harris Teeter Super Doubles - Trip 2.

Yes, indeed, I said Trip 2.

Here is what I purchased:
the stuff on the stove ledge was not this purchase!
What you see:

2 Gerber Graduates Yogurt (4 pks)
3 Ragu Sauce
2 cans Maxwell House Coffee
3 cans Rotel
1 box Mrs. T's Mini Pierogies
2 bags McCain Smile Fries
4 cans Pillsbury Grands
2 bottles Simply OJ
2 Jello Sugar Free Pudding (6pks)
4 bags Kraft Shredded Cheese w/ Touch of Philly
3 Athenos Greek Yogurt w/ Honey
2 tubs Hillshire Cracked Turkey Breast
1 bag Mission Tortilla
4 pks Budding Beef
1 bag of Baking Potatoes

Coupons Tendered: $59.68
VIC Savings: $22.68
Total OOP: $34.79

My goal was to spend $30 or less, but I know what got me - it was those darn Smile Fries.  Little Steve saw them and said 'WOOOOOOOOOOOW' so I felt obligated!  I know I'll grow out of this, but he actually interacts at the grocery now, so it's pretty fun.

I saw MANY fellow couponers.  It's like some underground club - we all walk around, look at each others coupon 'systems' and smile.  Without actually saying 'I know what you're doing' we're definitely watching each other.  It's actually pretty hysterical.

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