Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My First Super Overwhelming Week!

Hey everyone!

This week has been the longest week ever!  I went to bed Monday night at 8 pm because I felt horrible, so I am a bit behind on life - I finally feel overwhelmed with school, work, home, baby, etc, etc, etc.  Here's where I am today:

-About 3 loads of laundry behind
- A 4 minute presentation behind (presenting tomorrow night on COUPONS!)
- About 2 chapters behind in Communications
- 1 Chapter behind in Anatomy/Physiology
- 300+ mouse pads to package, address, stamp, and mail by Friday for work
- A few Easy Peasy recipes behind on blogging :)
- A couple weeks since I've cleaned the master bathroom in entirety (I know, YUCK!)

So, I plan to give you all some Easy Peasy Recipes sometime this weekend - they'll include Spaghetti Carbonara, Ham & Cheddar Shells, Pepperoni Pizza Biscuits, and tonights recipe - Wide Open Faced Turkey Sammies!  I'll also be updating my shopping plan and posting how it actually went.  I'm branching out this weekend, I'll be trying:

-Aldi - they don't take coupons, but I am going to check out their produce and bread
- Target - I plan to combine their Target printables with my own coupons to score some super deals

My goal is to spend $100 and come up with another 12-14 meals out of it.  I have budgeted $150, but I want to take that $50 and put it into savings!

Don't forget to check out the new coupons at  Print them now and save them for later, they generally last about a month.

Coupon Tip: Manufacturers generally have coupons on their own websites as well as coupons on Facebook.  If you 'Like' then on Facebook, you often get high dollar coupons to print.


  1. I feel ya on being behind. I don't even have a baby but with school and work I'm behind on my blog, household chores and some school work! Not fun playing catch up!

    I love the new look of your blog and I have 2 questions:

    1. do you ever have salad/veggies with the meals you serve as sides?
    2. do any of your coupon sites provide coupons for non-prepared food items like dairy/fruit/veggies/meat?

  2. Crazy days!

    Yes I do serve veggies every meal. I was just thinking the other day that I should start picturing them so people don't think my child is suffering from malnutrition. LOL.

    There are often deals on dairy and sometimes they have deals on fruit/veggies/meat, but you are better off looking at manufacturer's websites to get coupons for produce. I like Earthbound salads because they have really green yummy spinach, but I can only find coupons for them on their website. Usually the site will ask you to sign up, but it's harmless because you can always choose how often you receive emails from them. ALSO, the Sunday paper is a great resource for those items.

  3. I forgot something else...

    You can ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS find deals on milk, butter, cheese, etc. as well as frozen veggies. Check Manufacturers facebooks, too!