Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Confessions of a Real Life Mom.

Confessions of a Real Life Mom

I am overwhelmed with the amount of love I have gotten from this blog!  The nice messages, encouragement, etc. have truly made me feel super spesh.  Thanks!

Now, I have a serious confession to make...

I am a real person, too!

My boyfriend and family are probably thinking 'well, duh' because they know my flaws, but I've done a really good job of hiding them. 

I have a habit of posting my best/favorite meals and leave out the ones that were a total bomb.  About once a week, I have a 'super fail' when it comes to cooking and baking.  I just get much more excited about the successes, for obvious reasons, and those take priority because my 'blog time' is very limited.

I try to live positively every day, but that doesn't mean every day is fantastic, stress-free, and LOVELY; it just means I make a conscious effort to try to wake up on the right side of the bed.  I cannot find the source to save my life (so if you have it, help a sister out), but I read a story about a year ago regarding happiness as a choice; every day when you wake up, you can decide to be in a good mood or to be in a bad mood - I make my best attempts to be in a good mood.  By the end of the day, I am sometimes a huge grouch (sorry, Big Steve), but I know the next day I can choose to remain grouchy or be happy.

My promise to you :)...

I promise that I will start posting more 'bloopers.'  The last thing I want is to be unrelatable.  Afterall, the reason I started this blog was to encourage happy living even though life isn't perfect.

I'll start with today.  This morning, I woke up an hour late, did not have time for a shower, and couldn't put any make-up on my eyes because they were (and still are) watering like faucets.  In an attempt to get some sort of breakfast for myself, I threw a bagel in the toaster while I was getting Little Steve ready.  Moments later, my fire alarm started beeping and I ran in to discover a smoke-filled kitchen.  I unplugged the toaster, turned on some fans and decided to give up on breakfast.  I was 30 minutes late for work.

One thing I've learned from Big Steve (among many!) is that I need to start laughing at life.  My house didn't burn down, which is a good thing, so when I got in the car to head to the babysitter/work, I started laughing like a looney.  My laugh made Little Steve laugh, which made my heart mellllllllllllt!

Truth - this is real life.  One of my favorite quotes is:

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

I'm just trying to get through the rest of the week with a smile on my face.  Rest assured, I am just like you.


  1. I already mentioned that I liked this blog on Facebook... but this is just GREAT! Life is too short to stress out! Have a great day!

  2. Mandy & Sarah:

    Thank you both so much! I agree - life is WAY to short to stress out and I am learning with everyone else to make every situation a good one.