Monday, March 21, 2011

NEW! My Rite-Aid Plan 3/20-3/26!

This week will be my first week playing the Rite-Aid Pharmacy game and I'm pretty excited about it. I intended on doing it last week to get some free detergent, but I missed out and I don't wanna miss out on anymore freebies!

Here is my plan:

Transaction #1:
Blink Tears - $7.99, get $7.99 single check rebate (SCR)
3 Lysol Wipes - $5.97, get $1 UP and $1 SCR wyb 2 use 3 $1 coupons - $2.97

Total OOP: $10.96
Get: $3 UP
Get: $8.99 SCR
It's like getting a $1.03 profit!

This is just to get me started - I plan to look through the ad more throroughly tonight and see what coupons I have and possibly add to this list for the week!  I will keep you posted with whether or not I plan to keep shopping at Rite-Aid.

The only negative that I can see with Rite-Aid is that there isn't always instant gratification, i.e. - you have to wait for the rebate to come in the mail.  However, they do have a program where you get 10% off your total order every day once you hit 500 points (1 point for every dollar you spend)  and 20% off your total order every day once you hit 1000 points.  Now, I'm not sure I'd spend $1000 at Rite-Aid in a year, but I have already spent $430 at CVS, so it shouldn't be difficult to hit $500 at Rite-Aid within a few months.  REMEMBER this total all pre coupons, so it may sound like a lot of money, but it's really probably less than half that after coupons and money you get back.

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