Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Confessions of a Real Life Mom.

lean on me
when you're not strong, i'll be your friend.
I curse using made up words and acronyms and I cry for hours at a time.

On Sunday, I had an opportunity to be alone after my class for hours.  This is a very rare occasion - one that I was happy to have.  I got home, saw the mess that had accumulated in my house throughout the course of about a day and just cried.  I cried for about two hours while I was cleaning and studying; if there had been cameras in my house, I probably looked like a complete nut.  Crying is super theraputic for me.  I finally got tired from the crying and decided I needed to take advantage of the alone time and take a much needed (and well deserved, if I do say so myself) nap.  I napped, watched TV, pretended to study, and was able to relax.  It was wonderful!

This morning.  OMG, this morning...

I'm up on time (shocker!), Little Steve slept through the night (PTL!), and I was sooooo ready to tackle the day.  I got out to Dora (my Explorer) with the intention of starting her up.  Let's just say Dora had other plans; maybe she needed a nap, too.  I began to pretty up my foul language by using multiple acronyms and made up words like 'fidding;' "Are you fidding me, Dora?"  Big Steve, who never calls out sick, but is home today with a stomach bug (oh, great, more germs!), let me take Betty (his truck) to work this morning.  I managed to get to work only 20 minutes late, with a venti, non-fat, iced caramel macchiato.  By the grace of God, I didn't crash!

The only thing getting me through this morning is prayer, laughter, and knowing that there is someone somewhere else who just had the exact same morning I did.  And maybe a little bit of mussing (mom cussing).

Here's hoping your morning started a little better than mine!

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