Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Confessions of a Real Life Mom.

Confessions of a Real Life Mom

Mornings are tough, my son hasn't had a bath in 2 days, and sometimes it takes 2 Starbucks Double Shots to get me going...

View this picture, please:

No, this is not a guest post and that is not a 12-year-old boy.  And this is a perfect example of make-up doing wonders.  I went make-up-less this morning because it was a tough one.  I have class on Tuesday nights, so I got home around 9:30ish.  I put Little Steve to bed (without a bath because he just looked so peaceful and tired!) and noticed some ants in the kitchen.  I decided this would be the perfect time - 9:45pm - to get on my hands and knees with Lysol wipes and scrub the kitchen floor.  That'll show the ants...

Waking up is becoming more difficult every morning and Little Steve's mood is generally unpredictable.  It's either a really good mood or a really bad mood when he first wakes up - never anything in between.  This morning, he was NOT happy with me.  In his defense, I did have the audacity to try to give him a cold bottle of milk.  How dare I?!  He threw it on the ground and proceeded to throw a giant fit!  I took him to our bed and laid him down, turned on the T.V., and put his (now warm) bottle next to him so he could have it when he was in the mood.  After making sure he was content and had a dry diaper on, I jumped in the shower.  About 3 minutes into my shower, I hear him banging on the bathroom door.  Evidently, I didn't close it all the way, so he took that opportunity to play peek-a-boo with me from the other side of the shower curtain.  At one point, he tried to hop over the edge of the tub and get in with me...

Hey, at least his mood was better!

My eyes were a hot mess this morning (TYVM, allergies!), so I decided against eye make-up.  And, thus, I look like a 12-year-old boy.

Some days, I just need something to get me going:

A QUADRUPLE SHOT!?!  Please and thank you!


  1. I suprized he hasn't adapted to your schedule yet. Benjamin is like clock work, sometimes beating his dads 645am alarm.

  2. He does wake up between 5-5:30 every day, but it's just not always in the best mood. He is definitely winning the fit fight because I haven't figured out how to correct him aside from sitting him on the ground and saying 'no, no!' then he proceeds to tell me 'NO NO' louder. hahaha. we are in for it! He even bangs his head on the floor when he gets mad!

  3. Oh what joys i have to look forward too! We are beginning that war. That and the "the world is ending because mommy left, isn't holding me, etc". I cant wait for the tantrums out in public when i get to walk away and ask someone who's kid that is!

  4. LOL! That's what I wanted to do when he did it at the Dr.'s office...but there was no denying it at that point. I blamed it on him not feeling well...