Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Thursday Push? Maybe?

Warning: This post is trivial.

To be honest, this week has gone by pretty quickly, so I am feeling okay today!  I've slept in until 5am for about 3 weeks now, haha, so I even feel refreshed.

The warmer weather makes me VERY happy because I am cold-natured.  What doesn't make me happy is the allergies and tornados that have come with this gorgeously delicious weather.

I started getting these seasonal allergies a few years ago, but this is the worst I have ever felt!  My nose is stuffy, my throat itches, and my eyes are burning - I can't wear mascara (GASP!)!  I love having the windows open, but I've had to close them (much to Big Steve's dismay) because I feel so crappy.  When I wake up, my eyes are like swollen and red and I generally feel like I've been hit by a giant bus.  I am not a fan of anti-histamines because my body generally becomes immune to the effects and I have to keep taking more, plus it's really not great to block histamines because that's your immune system's reaction to protect your body from pollen; if you block them, you're essentially allowing harmful crap into your body.  Not a fan of that!  This weekend, I want to do some research on natural ways to appease the allergy symptoms so I don't have to pop a pill every day to get through it and every night just to sleep.  I'll keep you posted on any success!

The tornado warnings and watches have been scaring the you-know-what out of me.  Last night, I went to Harris Teeter at about 9 pm without even realizing that storms were a brewin'.  Trust me, I love Super Double trips, but I am not a complete looney who would chance being caught in a storm to make them.  When I got home, the lightening and thunder started and the wind was INSANE!  I was so scared!  I thought Big Steven was in bed, so I carried all of the groceries in with one trip (this included 2 gallons of milk!).  My brother then called me and told me to watch the news and find a place of shelter without windows.  The only place in my house without windows is the master closet, so I grabbed my Little Steven out of his crib, a comfortor, and a pillow and went into the closet.  Meanwhile, Big Steven is laughing at me.  WHATEVER!  I just kept thinking 'what if a tree falls through my baby's window and I can't get to him?'  So, it was better safe than sorry and I stayed in there until the rain stopped.  Yes.I.Did.

I am all out of deep thoughts this week.  My mind has been dedicated to a presentation I have tonight, a test on Sunday, and another test Tuesday night.  I am fried, ladies and gentlemen.

I hope you make it to tomorrow!  Haha.  TGIAF!

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