Monday, April 11, 2011

What's on Suzie's Menu?


OMMonday.  Is it already the beginning of a new week?  I need a vacation!

I am off the hook this week for tonight and tomorrow because I'm celebrating my wonderful, beautiful, awesome, angel-of-a-mom's birthday tonight at Red Lobster, and tomorrow night I have my Medical Terminology Class.

This is what I'm working with this week:

Tuna Casserole
Inside Out Chicken Pot Pie
Inside Out Ravioli
Baked Chicken w/ Hashbrown Casserole
Turkey Sausage Chilli

These are some newbies!  I am especially excited to try the Inside Out Ravioli!  Anything Ravioli is divine in my book...really anything pasta-related is A-Okay.



  1. Inside Out Ravioli sounds yummy! Cant wait for you to share the recipe!

  2. Hey there.. are you going to show us pictures of these meals?? And/or share the recipes? I am interested in the tuna casserole, turkey sausage chili... awww hell.. umm I am interested in ALL of them!! HAHA!

  3. LOL! Yes, I will post pictures/recipes. I've had the last two days off from cooking, but I will start posting again tonight or tomorrow morning! Inside Out Ravioli is on the menu tonight :)