Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Harris Teeter Triples Trip #1

Okay, so that was wildly disappointing.  Since I started couponing, the number of couponers (at least the ones that go to Harris Teeter) seems to have sky-rocketed.  I am very glad people have taken advantage of the great possibilities that couponing brings, but the selfish me wishes they'd take advantage of it AFTER I get to the sales first.  Haha!  ALL of the free stuff was totally wiped out, but I still scored great deals and will still go back tomorrow; I may try a different Harris Teeter that doesn't seem to get as much traffic.

What You See:
1 Gallon Vitamin D Milk
1 Earthbound Greens
1 Kraft TOP Cheese
6 Power Bars (necessary)
1 4 pk Breakstones Cottage Cheese
1 Breakstones Cottage Cheese Combo
2 McCormick Inspirations
1 McCormick Garlic Powder
1 Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce
3 Eggos Waffles
3 Welches Juices (variety)
2 Texas Toast Garlic Bread
3 Desitin
3 Snuggle Dryer Sheets
6 Totinos Pizzas

TOTAL OOP: $31.39

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