Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lazy Sunday.

Last weekend, Big Steve and I had a chance to do something we haven't done in a VERY long time - we got to spend time together alone.  Generally, when we have someone babysit Little Steve, we hang out with friends, but this time I requested alone time.  And I got it!

We went to dinner on Saturday night and over indulged in Outback deliciousness.  Then, we went to the Redbox at my favorite Harris Teeter behind the house.  This is where the night got particularly exciting for us; we used code 'dvdonme' to get a FREE rental, browsed movies and suggested various movies (I suggested chick flicks and he suggested violent films) until we saw 'Due Date' and both excitedly said "DUE DATE" at the same time.  He then proceeded to say, "end of discussion," I hit the button, and we high-fived each other.  In the car, we shared some laughs about how lame we were for getting so excited AND high-fiving each other in public.  When we got home, he fixed me a glass of wine, popped some pop corn, and we laid on the couch (actually next to one another!) and enjoyed each other's company.

Sleeping in until 9:30 was definitely my favorite part.  Then I got to make him some breakfast and enjoy it on our front porch together with a  nice large cup of coffee.

{his plate = lots o bacon}

{her plate = i wish i had his metabolism}

{front porch view!}

Now I desperately want some bacon.
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