Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Real Deal.

Hey, BFFS!

As you can see, this is another multi-post day.

When I started Semi-Homemade Suzie, I was getting super into baking/cooking and I really wanted to put my DIY ideas somwhere.  So, what's the BD?  I haven't done a single DIY project since I started my blog!

I blame many things for this:

-lack of sleep
-lack of time
-etc., etc., etc.

Well, as you know (or maybe you don't), I am going to be working from home starting this month.  Technically, I was told it would be at the beginning of May, but things happen a little slower at my workplace than normal.  I had a b-fest about it, but I can't complain because this is an opportunity that will allow me more time with my son, more time for school, more time for fun, and MORE TIME FOR DIY PROJECTS!

My brilliant ideas haven't stopped, though, and I've found some awesome ideas in some other awesome blogs that I'd love to share with my awesome readers.  My first project will probably be organizing our office/guest room.  It's a total mess in there!  I've given Love (Big Steven) some ideas of what I want (SHELVES, SHELVES, SHELVES) and he is pretty good at giving me what I want.  He's quite the handyman, so my DIY projects are really DIYWHFL (Do It Yourself With Help From Love).

This is really just an FYI and a what to expect from Suzie.  A little boring, but I'll leave you with this goodness to make it worth the read:

Please note the arms made specifically to cuddle me.
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