Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Steven is 18 Months Old!

My Dear, Sweet Stevie Boy:

look how teeny!  just a week old.
 I can't believe you are 18 months old today!  You are such a BIG boy.

Last night, just before 'ny-ny' time, I couldn't stop looking at you.  Even though you are smaller than the other babies your age, you still looked so big.

You still prefer to eat with your hands over using a fork, but I'm okay with that.  Don't worry, that fork gets plenty of exercise when you use it to flick the rest of the food you're not interested in all over the kitchen floor.

very pleased with yourself after 'clearing' the plate.
 You still use your pacie, which you call a 'bee-u' for some reason, and I'm okay with that, too.  Whenever Daddy tells you to give it up because you're not sleeping, you don't put up a fight.  You have some pretty major fits when I change your diaper; I guess you still haven't gotten the hang of those yet.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm good enough or if I'm doing something wrong, but when I see you laugh, I decide that makes me a pretty good Mommy. 

I will probably say this every time I write a letter to you, but you are the best baby EVER and you make me and your Daddy sooooooo happy.

18 months old.  my little blondie!
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P.S. Could you please take a little longer to run from Mommy to go see Daddy when he gets home?  It really hurts my feelings.

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