Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Suzie Is Back...For a Brief Fill-In.

Hey friends!

Well, I came down with a crucial stomach flu mixed with a little esophogitis and reflux on Mother's Day and am finally starting to feel better today.  Thank goodness!  My house has taken a beating, my menu has taken a beating, and I've missed some great QT with my son and honey.  I am so ready to feel better.

After eating this morning, my stomach is turning, so the thought of this weeks menu is making me quite sick; therefore, I believe this week will be a fly by the seat of my pants menu or it will be up to Big Steven to take care of the food this week.

Big Steven deserves a major big hug when I'm feeling better (right now, he won't come near me) for being so sweet and supportive of me during this last couple of days.  He's been wonderfully okay with me laying down, moaning for hours at a time.

I also got the sweetest homemade card from Little Steven that Big Steven swears he had nothing to do with.  On top of that, I got a new Singer sewing machine from my Love!

{happy Mama's day to me!}

{despite feeling horrible, I was able to pull out a half smile thanks to my wonderful gift.}
I hope you all enjoyed your time with your Mamas this weekend and I certainly hope no one else got horribly ill. 

I will be back in action when I feel up a bit better!  Don't give up on me!

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