Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harris Teeter Trip.

I only used 4 coupons for this trip and took advantage of some really good deals going on.  Smart shopping without coupons still saves a ton of money.

What You See:

2 pks Ground Turkey
1 5lb bag Potatoes
1 Gallon Milk
1 French's Honey Mustard
1 Celentano Frozen Ravioli
4 Hungry Man Meals
4 Lean Cuisine French Bread Pizza
1 Cantaloupe
1 carton Blueberries
1 carton Strawberries
1/4 Watermelon
2.65 lbs Bananas
5 PictSweet Edamame (YUM!)
2 HT Ham
3 HT Smoked Turkey
2 HT Pepperoni
2 HT Mozarella
1 HT Oven Roasted Turkey
1 Mickey Mouse Book (not pictured; Little Steven had to have it)

Total OOP: $66.05
Total Saved: 60.25 + 15.98 VIC Savings

The HT sandwich meat/cheese was B2G3, so I stocked up.  These are freezeable and I won't have to buy sandwich meat for a while!

HEADS UP!  Rumor has it that HT is doing Super Doubles next week.  I'll be a coupon-clipping fool tonight on my bike and will try to put together a list of my personal favorite deals.  Many other sites have a generic list also for you to look at.

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