Friday, June 3, 2011

I Shine/Beauty Defined.

this week, BEAUTIFUL means:
- listening to the person you love and loving him more because he let you listen.
- seeing NKOTBSB tonight.  unity of my fav boy bands of all time = perfection.
- spending tonight with my beautiful Christina on her birthday screaming like school girls.
- my son.  everything about him, but his bed head really makes me smile.
- seeing how much Mrs. L and her mother in law love my son
- cookies 'n cream ice cream
- losing 2 lbs.  barely noticeable, but i feel H-O-T.
-watching Big Steven sweat bananas mowing the huge lawn
- God's timing.
- Answered prayers.
- Semi-homemade dinners around a dinner table with my boys.
Beauty to me is the little stuff; the stuff we take forgranted until we realize not everyone has that stuff.  Beauty is finding opportunity in crap-a situations and reminding myself that today is what counts.  Beauty is losing a friendship in order to see that some friendships are never, ever gone.  Beauty is accepting everyone else just as they are, even if they believe differently than me because everyone needs some love.  Beauty is encouraging others because making them feel good makes me feel good.
My life is BEAUTIFUL.

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  1. LOVING this!! I definitely love listening and talking to those we love ;) It's pretty much my favorite, and screaming like little girls with my mom hahahahaha

  2. beautiful post.. I am participating in this too... loved reading yours. xo hugs happy friday!

  3. What a wonderful post!!!! Have a wonderful time this weekend!! And thanks for being so real! Hugs!!

  4. Sarah- love. love. LOVE you.

    Mrs. Ali - I agree! When someone feels comfortable enough to confide in you, it's like you've done something right :) My mom is one of my BFFs, so I often laugh and act silly with her.

    Bonita Rose - thank you! I am heading over to read yours now :)

    Mandy - thank you and you have a great weekend also! I plan to get my cousin hitched to Nick from BSB, so there could be a lot of boy band interaction in our future.

  5. all these posts are making me SO happy!!!!! SO happy to see that you wrote God's timiing. I needed to be reminded of that! Thanks so much for linking up!!!

  6. Great post!! I'm right there with you on the two lbs thing! I feel smokin" ;) Thank you for stoppin' by my blog this week, it lead me to yours! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Ashley: I so often forget God's timing is perfect until it's obvious; I'm working on remembering He's in control even when it's not right in front of my face.

    Dana: Thank you so much for stopping by. Hey, a 2 lb loss is better than a 2 lb gain, right?