Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!


-The above picture.  My goal was showcase the SHINE necklace.  Even though my pic sucks, go purchase for a good cause.
- Nearly getting stranded without toilet paper at work - nearly.  I awkwardly held it in and got some and, thankfully, made it back before peeing on myself.
- Showing up late for work for the 3rd time this week.  I am just going to have to leave my house 30 min. earlier to ensure arrival on time.  Stupid NOVA traffic.
- Going to take a math test last night only to have to turn back around because I didn't have my ID.  AFTER paying for the meter!  You are welcome, person behind me.


- Having a boss that understands the atrocity of the traffic and never really cares that I'm late.
- The boots I'm wearing.  They're a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n roll.
- My best friend/cousin/future MOH was born on this day.  What a good day!
- Cardio for 30 minutes on top of the Shred on Tuesday and an HOUR yesterday!  Hellooooo, super calorie burn.
- Rachel won Big Brother.  She annoys me, but at some point she grew on me and I was rooting for her hard core.  Now I wanna go on the show and win half a mill.
- This sammie I told ya I was gonna make:

Not as aesthetically appealing thanks to the camera phone, but just as delish!

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