Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What the What?

I didn't even realize it had been a few days without blogging.  Where do the days even go anymore?  So, here is an update in the form of a semi-lengthy blog.

I finally got the time AND energy to work out last night after a 4 day hiatus.  Time and energy simultaneously has become a rarity with the demands of an 8 week math class.  Math?  Really?  I mean, this is why calculators were invented, no?  I've paid $103 for an online lab where I do all my work for the course and I NEED to get it this over with so I can get into Microbiology and Chemistry next semester for further torture, so waiting or taking a longer course is not an option.  I have a 1 1/2 years until I obtain my RN and an additional 1/2 year until I can call myself an RN/BSN.  I'm fairly confident this will be a seriously trying time for me, but the end product will be so worth it.

And now, scenes from the weekend:

When I reference my future MOH, cousin, or BFF, I am talking about Whitney.  She had a birthday last week and we celebrated by going to the Bull Run Wine Festival.  Whitney also happens to be a new member of the Season Ticket Crew, so we got to further celebrate her birth at a Redskins game with a WIN:

This weekend was also made up of a reunion of sorts!  Matty is a season ticket holder this year and will be joining us in tailgate festivities for the games to come.  I haven't seen him since 2006!  He just got married and I can't wait to meet his pocket-sized wife!

{bottle cap earrings that I bought for $15 in the parking lot!}
For good measure, here are a few additional scenes from the game:

{"GROSSMAN!" - this was after his first turnover}
{my twin!}
And lastly, as promised in my last VLOG, some videos for you to showcase the life of a Redskins Fan:

Here is my brother and 'the finger.'

Yes, that was a snort.  From me.  Move on!

And celebration of a touchdown + extra point:

Coincidentally, the above video also showcases my singing abilities and talent with the camera.

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