Monday, October 31, 2011

I Think I Have a Problem.

I went to CVS yesterday because I desperately needed mascara.  I got two new Covergirl Lash Blasts (the orange one!) and came home to put them away.  I discovered that I may have a mascara addiction.  Shown are the ones that were already in my make-up bag.

Eh.  At least it's a healthy addiction that comes with coupons.

pictures of my Halloween will be up tomorrow.

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  1. Eye make up only has a shelf life of like 30 days. I found this out the hard way after Greg's sisters wedding, and i got a horrendous case of pink eye!

  2. And that is officially my justification for it!

  3. Hey that is OK there are way worse things to be addicted to... like shoes ;-)

  4. Whitney, that's proooooobably true. I love shoes, but I'm too cheap for them.