Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Almost Friday!

Have I ever mentioned my disdain for the traffic in Northern Virginia?  Oh, I have?
Well, I really don't like it.  For realz.
When did this area become so ridiculously over populated?  A million years ago?
I cannot wait until I have a degree that allows me to have a career that doesn't involve commuting toward D.C. or Maryland.


- Being that mom that doesn't carry the necessities in her diaper bag.  My son is wearing 0-6 month socks today because he decided to puddle jump on the way to the car this morning and I evidently don't pack extra socks.  I suppose the Mom of the Year award will go to someone else.
- Calling a customer and telling him that the parts he ordered a month ago won't be ready for another 4-5 weeks...if he's lucky.
- Shorting my babysitter $20.  Totes an accident, Mrs. L.
- Big Steven turned on the fan and I said "Oh, were you looking for it to get hot" and then doing a 'sexy' dance.  His response "I was until you did that."
- Sharing the above information is a little awkward, too, but if you picture my dance, it's funny.  Right?
- Nearly crashing into a vehicle in front of me and squeeling tires to stop, followed by Little Steven saying "ERRRRCH" (you know, like tires squeeling) then saying "WHOA BABY!"  HAHAHA.  Okay, that's a little awesome too


- My hair is growing so long!  I feel like it's taken forever to grow it out, but I love it.
- A date at Hard Times tonight.  So, it's not very fancy, but I LOVE Hard Times food.
- Forcing myself to workout 60+ minutes for 3 days in a row.  I had to prepare for the gluttony that will occur tonight.
- The company Christmas party is going to be at a really pretty place in Old Town Alexandria PLUS we get hotels to stay in.  Nice!
- The chocolate covered almonds my boss orders every year for his friends are right around the corner.  Those things are bomb.
- Lipstick.
- Ladies night at The Melting Pot on the 27th!  20% of the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen foundation.
- A planned vacay to see Wicked in New York with some lovely ladies in January or February!  I've never been to New York and I've been dying to see Wicked.  I just can't wait!
- My twin brother and his lovely fiance will be wed this day next year!  I'm looking forward to having another sister.  I LOVE YOU BOTH!


  1. I've wanted to see Wicked for YEARS! I wanted to go when they were at the Kennedy Center a few months go... ok so maybe it was more like a year ago. I may have a hook up in NYC, as my "better be one day sister in law" and her hubby work there. I ahve never done a dance remotely sexy for Greg. Seducing him usually consists of some barely there outfit from VS and climbing on top of him. (TMI?)

    PS totally cheaper to stay just outside the city.

  2. HAHAHAH! Yes, definitely TMI, but I love it.

    I will let you know detes and you can maybe come with if you can!