Thursday, November 3, 2011


Dear Two-Year-Old Stevie:

I cried a lot last night.  Then I cried a lot on my way to work.  I thought I only cried last year because you were 1 and I was still hormonal; turns out I'm a huge sap and will cry every year on your birthday for the rest of your life.

A solid 20% of the time, you make me a complete basket case.  I can't remember the last time I remembered something since you were born, but I probably wouldn't remember if I did remember.  Maybe you have me wrapped around your finger and maybe I give into you sometimes.  Some people think I shouldn't give in, but I decided that it's not so bad.  If you want me to hold you, I will.  I'll hold you because I know you're one year closer to being embarrassed by me touching you at all.

You always say 'please' and 'thank you.'  You say 'hi, Mommy, how you today?"  This time last year, you barely said 'Mama' and it was mostly when you were crying.  You kiss me ALL the time and they're the sweetest kisses I've ever had.  You get really excited when your Daddy comes home and you always tell him you love him - even when he's not around.  You've given my heart so much joy and my life so much meaning.  You are my main man - tied with Daddy, of course - but that is some seriously good company. 

I know that God has used you to change me; you've changed the way I treat others and the way I tolerate being treated.  You get upset when another baby/kid is crying and I hope you never lose that.  You are reluctant to share your toys, but you still do.  Don't lose that either.

You prefer jammies to real clothes and Redskins jammies over any other kind.  You still like to have two of the same objects, one in each hand, but you don't care about color.  Spoons are your favorite right now, you are very particular about where your toys go (you get that from Mommy), and you are ice cream's biggest fan (that comes from Daddy).

I literally cry ever time I hear that song.  Please stop growing.



  1. Happy Birthday Stevie!

    Suzie....this was such a wonderful post!! You are one of the best mothers I know! You are definitely an inspiration. We love you and thank you for sharing these notes to Stevie with us! Love you! ~Mandy

  2. Thanks, Mandy! You are the best, most encouraging friend ever. So happy to have you around.