Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm a survivor...


This picture sums up how things have been going for us over here since 12:30am.  Little Steven is horribly sick and hasn't slept longer than 20 minutes at a time since then.

Last night was not one of my best 'mom moments.'  Today is not looking good, either.  I am not at my best when I'm tired and I've slept about 5 hours in two nights.  I actually yelled at my sick, mucous-puking son last night.  Who does that?  Who yells at a toddler who is miserable?

Somehow, I have to get some work done; assuming Stevie stops crying at some point.  Right now he's attached to me and I think he'd go back in my belly given the choice.  I've had my nervous breakdown of the day, so now I'm working on making up for yelling at him.

Why does my son need 4 spoons?  No clue, but they have only added to the misery; every time he drops one, it's pretty much the worst moment of my life.  Not sure why it's up his nose, either, but I'm not really questioning his choices at this point.

I gotta get this child to sleep.

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