Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fear & H2O.

I am currently sitting at my desk with the willies.
(no I'm not talking about this, though that movie FREAKED me out as a child.  Who let's their children watch this stuff?  I'm looking at you, Mary!)
I was making my morning cup o' joe (peppermint mocha this a.m.) and caught a little movement in my peripheral.  What was it?  The largest spider cricket I have ever seen.
When I was young, I shared a room with my sister, Helen, in the basement.  Because I was the youngest/least favorite, I got to have the trundle and frequently found crickets on it.  Let's not forget the time I had a cricket jump out of my shoe as I was trying to put it on or the time I was innocently playing with my Barbies and one came out to attack; all of these which resulted in me sleeping with my face under the blanket (so they didn't crawl in my mouth or ear like happened to my twin's 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Washington) and begging until tears for the same twin to shake my shoes out every day so there were no repeat events.  On top of that, I developed a serious fear of crickets.  Spider crickets are the ninjas of the cricket world and I am TERRIFIED right now because it disappeared before I could trap it and is probably just waiting for the opportune moment to freak the crap out of me and/or kill me.

Here's a very accurate reenactment of my reaction:

I had to scream on the inside because I don't want my coworkers to know I'm a wussy, but I think my tear-filled eyes gave me away.  I have always wanted to be on Fear Factor, but if it involves spider crickets, fear will be a factor for me. 

I will spend the rest of my work day allowing my imagination to run wild with all the ways I could potentially be killed by a cricket.

Another matter of business is to show you all that I do actually drink things other than caffeinated products, as it was brought to my attention that 90%+ of my photos include caffeine.  I drink a LOT of water out of this giant thermos on a daily basis:

Please pray that I don't get eaten alive.

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  1. I love it!! Good job on the water intake... OH and giving us a FULL smile! Have a great day!