Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Holiday Diet.

I had a Monster on the way to work this morning.
Steven left it in there this weekend and I was thirsty.
Then, I came to work and had a brownie for breakfast.
Then, I had 'lunch' at 11 which consisted of pretzels and cheese.
(In my defense, the total calories for that was only 135.  We won't talk about the calories in the brownie or Monster.  YUCK!)
I am now about to have a Peppermint Mocha w/ a shot of Espresso.
I've also had about 40 oz of H2O so far...
Which means I've also had about 29348293 trips to the ladies room.

About 10 minutes ago, I asked my friends on FB to tell me why I'm so tired.
Uhh...maybe I know the reason and just don't want to accept it.
Holy sugar overload.

GLEE will provide food for my soul.
As for food for your soul...

I dedicate this picture to Amanda Rose who claims I need to show my teeth in pictures.  It's all or nothing, so if this is what you want...

Ps.com - I realize this post is like my diet today in that it lacks sustenance, but I am really tired.  I promise I don't eat like this every day and I won't make the worst nurse ever.


  1. Full Throttle is so much better!
    Love the pic by the way!

  2. Sarah - if I drink an energy drink, it's usually sugar free red bull! but this one was just there, ya know?!

  3. BEST...BLOG...EVER!! Thanks for the picture...you are BEAUTIFUL! HUGS!! I can't wait to Glee it up with you tonight!! :-)

  4. Mandy - you are so sweet! you know that picture is horrendous, but thank you anyway!