Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my morning...

uno - do not pay attention to the nail color out of the lines; I forgot to take it off this morning.
dos - I love a tumbler with a top and a straw; bonus pts for being Starbucks.  YAH!

This morning, Big Steven put the little one in our bed before he left because he was up and ready to go.  After pleading/whining/fake crying for me to put on Cars for about 10+ minutes, he finally fell back asleep...just in time for my alarm to go off.
Naturally, I hit the snooze and didn't really roll out of bed until about 6:15.
And by 6:15, I really mean 6:30.

I woke Stevie up to take him out to the car (that I had warming up for us because we are NOT cold weather people) and realized that he'd 'leaked' so to speak.

During his changing, he loudly demanded his "CAMOS" to which I pathetically obliged.
[sidenote - his camos are his camouflage jammies he got from Papa.]
After getting his camos on, he said, "thank you, Papa, I LOVE it!"

Then he threw his arms around me and screamed,

Best morning ever.


  1. you're hilarious! love reading your posts :) p.s. i heart starbux too!


  2. thanks, Brittany! who doesn't love starbucks?! crazy people. that's who!