Monday, January 9, 2012


I don't mind Mondays.
It's the waking up part that I dislike, which is characteristic of every other day of the week; naturally, Mondays are no exception to this.
I used to have serious motivation to wake up a couple times a week to work out when Big Steven headed off to work (5:30ish), but I lost it.
Somewhere along the lines I decided sleep was much more favorable.

I decided to aim for 2 mornings a week to run at least a mile - with some inspiration from Mandy.
After a minute of ponder, I decided that Mondays should be my consistent day every week; the way I work out and eat on a Monday seems to foreshadow how I work out/eat for the rest of the week.

I started today and it first.
I'm still tired because I could seriously sleep forever and I will always prefer to sleep over working out, but I feel good about myself - accomplished.

It's a start, right?  A good one, too!

Vision without action is a daydream.  Action without vision is a nightmare.

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