Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have been ultra nostalgic the last few days.

Thinking a lot about my childhood and how fun it was.
My mom was SO strict and we weren't allowed out if she or my step dad weren't home.
Considering they both worked all the time to provide for 4 kids, we spent a LOT of time together.

I attribute our closeness to the amount time my siblings and I spent together growing up.
I also attribute my oddities to that time.

We have inside jokes that, even if they were explained to you, you'd still wonder why we're laughing.  Essentially, this post may or may not be written specifically for their/my enjoyment.

Here goes:

"What happened to the bread?  I dunno what happened to the bread."

"Wendy, that's not what Marlaina did."

"Push pops.  Comes in Chewwy and Gwape."

"Susan, you made me cuss!"

Hits in head with frozen burritos.

Drinking coca-cola as fast as we can, passing around in a circle, microwaving so it doesn't feel cold, then putting the evidence of the soda drinking in the trash can out back.  When we were in high school...

Breaking into our house with credit cards and/or pool pass.

Singing "When You Say Nothing At All" to posters - here's to you, Devin Sawa, Leo DiCaprio, Rider Strong, and JTT.

And last, but certainly not least, the 'Going to Daddy's Song:'

Do NOT ask me why.


  1. LOL that's not what marlaina did!!

    i'm mad you chose the ugliest picture of me because you look cute!

    1. Helen, that is NOT the ugliest picture of you. But I do look totes adorbs.