Monday, February 13, 2012

a little scenery.

Saturday morning started (really early) with anniversary breakfast for Big Steven before he headed off to work:
[chocolate chip pancakes - heart smiley face w/ sausage eyebrows to resemble Big Steve] 

[partaking in his breakfast]
Then, we celebrated my Granny's 75th birthday with a surprise party:

some twinnery:

some zombies?:


we headed to the Lake to see Baby Brandon:

Let's just say he likes me a leeetle more than Uncle Steve:

Oh, yeah.  And...

::insert dancing that involves singing 'I'm getting married' over and over to the tune of 'la cucaracha'::


  1. I was wondering when this blog was going to show up.... and can I just say I <3 the idea about the sausage eyebrows.. LOL!! Too funny! I am SO happy for you and your family! HUGS!

  2. Omg!!! That breakfast looks super yummy! Baby Brandon is cutest thing ever, those are the first pictures I've seen of him. Too cute!! Also I love love love your ring!!! Congratulations to the both you, how very very exciting!