Tuesday, February 14, 2012

v-day apologies.

Dear Valentine:

I thought I'd take the less traditional route and use this day to apologize for a few things:

I'm sorry for airing out your biz, but I have noticed great changes that will, ultimately, save our marriage.

I'm sorry for crying and responding "I thought I was gonna have to break up with you" when you asked me to marry you.  I meant, "HECKS YES!"

I'm sorry for feeding you Chicken and Dumplings, Shepherd's Pie, and Spaghetti so much the last couple of months; they happen to be easy and inexpensive.  I'll do better.

I'm sorry for rolling my eyes at you when you track dirt through the house.  I will probably not stop doing that, so sorry x1000.

I'm sorry for waking you up and kicking you when you were on my side of the bed the other night...especially since I give you crap for not cuddling enough.

I'm sorry for the 9 months I was pregnant.  The whole 9 months.

I'm sorry that I frequently wear yoga pants and leggings around the house paired with a huge shirt that belongs to you.  I don't like the cold.

I'm sorry that I always complain about being cold when you work so hard to keep the fire going.

I'm sorry I make you uncomfortable by regularly telling you how hot and sexy you are.  HAHAHHAHA.  I'm not really sorry about that one.

I'm sorry I play spades online.

I'm sorry I don't wash my hair every day.

I'm sorry that I sometimes let clothes sit in a hamper for a couple of days to get all wrinkly.

[i'm not sorry about the pet names.]

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