Wednesday, March 21, 2012

how to be happy.

In regards to this gem of a photo, my galfriend said, "I swear you have THE happiest kid of anyone I know. Parental reflection ? :)"

He is happy.  And I am a generally happy lady, so I want to say yes.  Of course it is parental reflection, right?

Give me your million dollars now for I am about to reveal the secret to happiness.

Tea?  Maybe it's tea.  I drink a lot of tea and that sure makes me happy.

I walked in this morning to a brand spankin' new computer at work.
I feel like a new woman today!
Fast programs, fast emails; I don't know what to do with myself.

Morning Diet Coke?
I say, "WHY NOT?!?!"
I am wild.
Diet Coke makes me really happy.  If you are a Diet Coke enthusiast like myself, you get it.
If you don't like Diet Coke, you are strange and you don't get it.

Another great way to be happy is to enlist a goofy child and a sexy man.
That will surely do the trick.

And this, my friends is the secret to happines:
Tea, new computers, Diet Coke, hot men, and silly children.

Uno secreto...

I am lying my butt off.

I giggled at my friend's comment on my picture.
While I tend to be a pretty happy indivdual, I also tend to showcase the pictures of my little guy when he is not throwing food at the dog and/or chasing her with golf clubs.
As proof, view this sweet little post.

Now, sweet Samantha was right in that we encourage happiness, silliness, and playfulness in our house.
But if you really knew me about 4 years ago, you knew that my heart was cold, mean, and hateful.

My little secret to happiness is God.
He's not such a big secret and you might be throwing things at your computer and vowing never to read my blog again.
But my heart  has been changed in a way that I could never really do on my own.
Even in the last two short weeks that I've been going to church and praying for God to come in and change me, I've felt huge changes.
Changes I've tried to make, unsuccessfully, on my own in the past.

The proof is in the punch, people.
I also admit that I have NO IDEA what that saying actually means/refers to.
Pretty sure it works  here, though.

There are no 'catches' with turning your life over to God.
But to have allllllllllllll this good stuff (and I mean a LOT of good stuff), you have to accept it from Him.

If you're not sure how to do that, ask me.

Now, go have a Diet Coke.  It won't cause total happiness, but it will make things (like traffic) a little easier to deal with.

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